Conference Wrap-Up

A Conference that Answered and Raised (in that order) Important Questions for Testing Community

It was a day of learning. It was a day of fun. STeP-IN’s 1st International Conference on Software Testing, DSTC 2016, held many answers. On the other hand, it also raised many questions, some not too comfortable. The conference made you introspect. It also sent you home armed with several quotable quotes that you could wield anywhere to leave your audience spellbound. On the whole, it was a valuable day, especially if you are a tester in this age of rapidly shifting paradigms.

Many of you will be comfortable accepting that the conference was full of learning, but you may have your doubts about the claim that a technical conference could be fun. So here’s the proof. Here are some of the questions that were answered during the various sessions:

> What prompted the management of to hire their first tester?

> What can a monk and his dog teach you about implementing agile methodology?

> How much time does a tech entrepreneur spend thinking about testing?

> Do you need to be clairvoyant if you want to be a tester for predictive applications?

> Do you know which role in software engineering is most creative?

> What do good doctors and good testers have in common?

> How many times can your website fail before a customer is likely to give up on it?

> Quality Assurance to Quality Engineering – how does this shift impact a tester’s life?

> Can a single QA framework fight an army of tools?

> What does a Panchatantra tale about Software Engineering sound like?

> How many test scripts do you need to write if you want to run a test on ten devices?

You may think at least some of these questions aren’t relevant to you. We assure you they all are. Whether or not you agree with us yet, we bet you are curious to know the answers to these. Read on to find out.

Few pictures from our conference

Paper Publications

Testing as a Service (TaaS) for Startups – Oppurtunities and Challenges for Indian IT Companies

by Prashanth Thimmavajjala, Infosys

An Automation Approach in Datawarehouse Testing

by Satindra Mohan & Harsh Khanna, Mindtree

Test Automation Contest Winners


Runner Up

Lucky Dip Winners

Thank You All!!!

THANK YOU for attending and being a part of DSTC 2016. We hope that you found the conference informative and rewarding. The primary objective of this event was to bring software testing professionals together, increase their know-how of software testing and address some of the concerns at a time when technologies are constantly changing.

We hope you enjoyed being part of the event as a Sponsor/ Speaker/ Panel Member/ Jury Member/ Delegate and as a Test Automation Contest Participant. Your support and presence helped to make this event a great success. We wish you all the best and hope that you continue to be engaged with STeP-IN Forum. Stay tuned for upcoming events by visiting

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